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The People Behind...

  • Watch and meet the members of group A

    This creative work would not be possible without the contributions, unending help and passion of the students from Group A Class N207, Theoretical Foundations of Nursing, UPOU.

    Abigail Ciscar

    Hi! My name is Abigail Ciscar. I’ve been a registered nurse since 2009. However, at the moment I am working in the field of the academe, teaching MSA and ESL to Korean students. I’ve always wanted to be a surgical nurse. As a student and as a nurse volunteer, I most enjoyed my exposure in the O.R. Like many of us Philippine nurses, I hoped to go abroad to earn a better living for my family, but circumstance just won’t let me. I guess it has been a blessing in disguise the whole time, because I was able to realize how important it is to spend as much time with your family and loved ones while you can. I haven’t given up on my dreams to practice my profession as a full-pledged nurse though. I still hope to      practice my chosen profession in the near future. 

    Abigail Matienzo

    Hello everyone!Glad to see you here... I'm Aby, a serious-type person specially when in trouble.. I'm makulit din sometimes, when I'm not busy. I love to sleep or stay at home when its raining.

    Aileen Joy Pregonero

    I'm Aileen Joy Pregonero, 24 yerars old fromCalamba City. I graduated from the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Calamba Campus batch 2006. I worked as a Staff Nurse in a General Ward Unit of Sta. Rosa Hospital and Medical Center for two years.I love to learn new things that's why I got interested on Renal Nursing. I took a training for Hemodialysis Nursing for 3 months. This made me to qualify for Renap Accreditation and be a Certified Renal Nurse. Now, I am a student of MAN and hopeful to be a successful DE learner!

    Ailyn Camince

    I'm Ailyn Camince, 22 years old, from Davao City. I am a graduate of San Pedro College batch 2009. Presently I'm working as a District Health Nurse under the City Health Office.

    Aliway Agpalo

    Aliway M. Agpalo, 26 hailed in Nueva, Ecija, Philippines. Currently resides at the awes trucking city of Dubai and works at the busiest trauma center of the United Arab Emirates “Rashid Hospital and Emergency and Trauma Center”. I believe that my knowledge, skills and attitude plus an extra coat of enthusiasm and smile on my lips makes me   a super nurse. For me no one can ever equate the immediate gratification I feel when I see my patient converts pain into comfort; their delightful smile spells out the difference. 

    Alvir Nombrefia

    Pleasant day to all, I'm Alvir Nombrefia 24 yrs old from Los Banos Laguna working at hospital St. Jude Family Hospital which is a secondary hospital. I passed my NLE last June 2008, In God's grace I've been working as a regular staff nurse for 2 years. I decided to take this distant education since I don't have time for regular classes, though it's new to me since i'm not that good in computers but i'll take it as a challenge and also new learnings... hope to have new friends here... thank you and God Bless us all...

    Amita Antonio

    The principles of the Conservation Model is highlighted in my job as an ER nurse whenever I allow a child to be cuddled by a parent during a treatment or procedure, when I see an patient's face light up by the sight of his family nearby, or when a fatal dysrhythmia succesfully reverted and the patient is pulled away from death's grip.  The ER is a collage of people and experiences always waiting to happen.  The simplicity of Levine's work is reflected in so many lives that have been influenced  by emergency nursing interventions as simple as a therapeutic touch, a silence that conveys understanding and respect, and more importantly, a prompt and competent service that promotes healing and comfort.

    Aileen Lazatin
    Good day!

    I am Aileen Lazatin, 27 years old, from Agusan del Sur. I have been a Registered Nurse for almost 6 years. I graduated from Father Saturnino Urios University.

    Angela Asuncion Pantaleon

    Hi I'm Angela V. Pantaleon from Caloocan City, currently employed as Occupational Health Nurse from West Contact Services under Healthway Medical Inc. 

    Angela Betsaida Beltran

    I am Angela Betsaida A. Beltran and I live in Baguio City. At present, I am currently employed as the School Nurse of the University of Baguio Medical Clinic catering to students, employees and faculty members of the said institution (Elementary, High School and College) from September 2009. I am a very outgoing person, I love to laugh and have a good time. I love arts like painting, editing pictures and playing the guitar.

    Anjela Bulaong

    Hello everyone! Anjela Bulaong here, currently based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, working as a Dialysis Nurse for 3 years now. I'm so thankful that I am given a chance to study MA and pursue a teaching career after graduating.

    Annabelle De Veyra

    My name is Anabelle De Veyra. I worked at the community especially in te public school as a school nurse. Since I am at the rural area, my job most of the time are more on health education, prevention of the common communicable disease, nursing intervention of minor ailments, referrals of major cases to tertiary level, linkages to GO's and NGO's, and implement on Dep-ED programs and projects. My desire is to upgrade my skills and knowledge to clinical nursing which influences me to pursue this graduate study. I believe in the saying that, "You become of what you think about". In God's grace, I can pass all the hindrances to have another opportunity in nursing career.

    Annaliza Daileg

    Here's me.
    Independent, free spirited, fun loving person and a caring mom. I always pray and wish for the success for my kids. As a nurse, Patient safety first is a must. I compete to one but myself and i always beat my last performance. Coffee fanatic.

    Annelie Gumban

    Hello, Im AnnelieGumban from UPV campus, Im working as a clinical research coordinator here in Iloilo City. Im taking up MAN, to help me more equip as a nurse.

    Anthony Cobangbang

    I am Anthony Cobangbang, proud to be the only Filipino male nurse at the Male Surgical/Trauma Ward of Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

    Michelle Imong

    Michelle mannong imong, emergency room staff nurse working at dalah hospital riyadh saudi arabia... i wanted to fly and defy gravity

    Adelwisa Ave
    Azimah Mamutuk
    Anthony Adornado
    Angelo Plata
    Ana Jury Castillo
    Amil Kusain Jr. Tan
    Aireen Idioma