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    • Limited attention can be focused on health promotion and illness prevention.
    • The nurse is the one to assess the patient's capability to participate with the care for example, the nurse would assess a stroke patient to perform active range of motion exercises, and if he/she cannot in any way see that the patient can do it, it is her duty to preserve the energy of the patient, as well as his structural integrity taking aside the other two principles. Independence fosters self worth. If the patient is encouraged to do activities for his recovery, his self esteem will be boosted thus paving way for self worth attainment. Likewise with his support system, if they are given the chance to help the patient in his recovery, his social integrity is uplifted.
    • The major limitation is the focus on individual in an illness state and on the dependency of patient. This is one factor that limits the patient to participate in his care, he will depend much on the nurse for the attainment of the goal.