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Levine's on the horizon

  • Thursday, July 14, 2011
  • Group A N207
  •        Conquering vast horizons, acquiring new knowledge and information, surpassing challenges and distance and overcoming emerging health predicaments...   

    Group A N207 UPOU students soaring high to share what they've learned and acquired to the people.

             This Blog will provide information, knowledge and update on Myra Estrin Levine: A theorist. An Educator. A nurse. A LEGACY. When we are faced with challenges in life, in our environment and within ourselves, it is our role to adapt to change in order for health to be conserved. In the time that the well being of the client is threatened by inability to adapt well to internal or external stimuli, it is the nurse's duty to intervene, provide nursing care and help the patient in the conservation of her energy, personal integrity, structural integrity and social integrity.



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